Initiate a Project

NP Partners has refined a clear, simple process to identify potential new projects that will add value to our city, district and communities.

Step 1: Assess the idea

Step 2: Feasibility scope and investor canvassing

“Alongside transitioning to a renewable energy future, we need to support and invest in long term, sustainable community projects. This is why we are proud to join the NP Partners whānau, a partnership aimed at expanding our reach, supporting local communities and contributing towards large scale projects in a more collaborative way.” says OMV NZ General Manager Henrik Mosser.

“These projects, like Destination Play, encompass a range of key aspects including the environment, culture, education, health and safety and the overall enhancement and well-being of our region – all of which hold significance to us here at OMV. We are excited to engage in future projects with NP Partner that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the broader Taranaki region for generations to come.”

– Jane James, Community Partnerships Manager, OMV

Initate your project

If you have an idea or proposal that meets our criteria, please contact or