Destination Play is coming!

The design team have confirmed the design which looks to reuse infrastructure that is already there as much as possible which will reduce the environmental impact and construction costs.


Destination Play will unfold in carefully planned stages, with the initial phase encompassing 75% of the entire site. Subsequent sections will be unveiled as additional funding becomes accessible, ensuring a comprehensive and gradual development of the project.  Stage one comprises the highlighted area outlined below:


  • Contract awarded for hill play
  • Contract awarded for agility and fitness
  • Contract awarded for Toilets/Changing Rooms and Changing Places facility
  • Contract awarded for Pour ’n’ Play ground surfacing
  • Contract awarded for NP Partner Rivet for water play stainless steel features
  • Contract awarded to NP Partners Timberco for supply of materials
  • Contract awarded for water play – design and build of reticulation and treatment system
  • Contracts awarded for stone sculptures
  • Resource consents lodged
  • Expressions of interest sought to identify potential contractors for construction phase


The next key milestones for the project include:

January 2024
Engineers Technical Documents completed

February 2024
Request for Proposal (RFP) released

March 2024
RFP close

March 2024
Civil works contract awarded

Early 2024
Removal of existing playground equipment. Date to be confirmed.

Second Quarter
Construction will commence as soon as contract has been awarded


The civil construction will be jointly managed by the successful contractor and an NPDC project manager. Once the civil works are completed, NPDC project managers will coordinate the installation of the above-ground play equipment, furniture and landscaping.

Together, we are building Destination Play, transforming Ngāmotu-New Plymouth’s Kāwaroa Park for all ages to play, enjoy and explore – a place that will gather our community and celebrate our region’s rich culture, heritage, ecology. See the full Project description here.