City Centre Strategy

A new strategic vision for New Plymouth’s city centre, to enhance the attraction and facilities for both businesses and residents as well as appeal to visitors and tourists.

The Ngāmotu-New Plymouth City Centre Strategy (the City Centre Strategy) sets the strategic direction for New Plymouth’s city centre over the next 30 years. It provides NPDC, Ngāti Te Whiti and the community with a ‘route map’ to revitalise the city centre. The Strategy has been shaped by stakeholder and community engagement sessions during its preparation.

Through the City Centre Strategy, we aim to highlight the uniqueness of Ngāmotu-New Plymouth with projects and initiatives that contribute to the evolving contemporary identity of the city centre and its uniqueness of place.

Our goals include:

  • Building a culturally distinctive city
  • A re-energised economy
  • A city that is thriving with residential living
  • An accessible and inclusive city centre with easy movement in, out and within the city centre for all.
  • A green and healthy City Centre leading a low-emission and environmental wellbeing approach that is visibly reflected in its streets and public spaces

The Strategy gives its direction via five “Key Moves”:

Whakamana – Restoring our Huatoki
Whakahononga – Connecting our city to the coast
Whakaataahua – Activating our green links
Whakakaha – Reinforcing our city core
Whakaora – Living in our city centre

The first projects to kick off will be developing concept plans for two green links from Pukekura Park and Pukaka to the coast and the staged rollout of greening of the city core.

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Central City Laneways Pilot

As part of the CCS, NP Partners BOON and BTW have offered their professional services to enhance some of our inner city laneways.

Partners initial pilot, working with NPDC, the CCS team, building and business owners, will explore the potential of enhancing the Laneway/Public Car Park 1 between Courtenay and Devon Street. 

Lead Partners

Get Involved

We’re inviting Partners from our NP Partners community to get involved and join us in delivering this project.

Looking to initiate your own project?

NP Partners has refined a clear, simple process to identify potential new projects that will add value to our city, district and communities.

Current Projects

Destination Play

The creation of an inter-generational learning and play space at historic Kāwaroa Park on the Ngāmotu – New Plymouth foreshore.

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