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  • Heightened brand awareness through group participation and specific initiatives
  • Exclusive networking through the NP Partners programme of events, forums and workshops
  • Unique testing ground for ideas and projects
  • Quality advocacy, communications and marketing support
  • Working collaboratively together for greater community impact
  • Pride in partnering to build a better city and district

We invite you to join NP Partners - a unique programme and private-public partnership to realise bold, mutually beneficial initiatives to drive investment, development and community-focused growth.

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NP Partners sits within an innovative regional development advisory framework. Find out more about how we work together.

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We are looking for great ideas that will breathe life into Ngāmotu. Find out about the project criteria.

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Find out about the benefits of being part of the NP Partners forum.

Want to join us

An aligned investment focus to create the best of New Zealand, here.

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