Nau mai, Haere Mai

Welcome to NP Partners, building the best of New Zealand, here in Ngāmotu-New Plymouth.​

NP Partners is a unique public-private partnership forum for business and community leaders, drawn together by a shared vision. We are committed to investing in the growth of our city, district and province, creating greater community value and impact through a Partner-led, Council-managed programme.​

Current Projects

“New Plymouth is Taranaki’s powerhouse. The decisions we take now to rebuild our economy must create a sustainable platform for our children and grandchildren to thrive. More than ever before, these decisions will determine the quality of lifestyle for future generations. NP Partners offers opportunities to invest strategically in our district through a managed programme with NPDC. We look forward to working with you.”

– Neil Holdom, New Plymouth District Mayor

NP Partners sits within an innovative regional development advisory framework. Find out more about how we work together.
We are looking for great ideas that will breathe life into Ngāmotu. Find out about the project criteria.
We are a successful public-private partnership forum of business and community leaders, drawn together by a shared vision – to build the best of New Zealand here, in Ngāmotu-New Plymouth. Let’s talk.

We're a partnership of business and community leaders.

Drawn by the power of a unified vision we work together to support bold initiatives for our city and district. We use our skills, experience, people and networks to imagine the possibilities. Then source the investment to turn ideas and concepts into reality.

“As a region, Ngāmotu-New Plymouth has always benefitted hugely from partnerships with key local businesses and other organisations. Together, these partnerships have enabled significant investment in key community assets over and above what the Council and our region’s ratepayers could have achieved on their own.”

– Gareth Green, CE, New Plymouth District Council