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We're a partnership of business leaders, entrepreneurs, iwi and community leaders. Drawn by the power of a unified vision we work together to create bold initiatives for our city and community.

We use our skills, experience, people and networks to imagine the possibilities. Then source the investment to turn our ideas into reality.

We welcome other visionary organisations and entrepreneurs to join us

“New Plymouth is Taranaki’s powerhouse. The decisions we take now to rebuild our economy must create a sustainable platform for our children and grandchildren to thrive. More than ever before, these decisions will determine the quality of lifestyle for future generations. NP Partners offers opportunities to invest strategically in our district through a managed programme with NPDC. We look forward to working with you.”

— Neil Holdom, New Plymouth District Mayor

“If ever there has been a time to be united in a vision for our future, it’s now. The passion, pride and purpose that exists in our people today can be channelled through NP Partners, a public and private sector partnership that will harness the energy to shape our region’s future.’’

— Harvey Dunlop, Chair, Toi Foundation

‘’New Plymouth will be a city where investment is attractive and easy. A city where businesses are drawn to base themselves, with aspirations to become a leader in regional tourism & sustainability.’’

— Daniel Fleming, Chair, Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

‘’New Plymouth is located in a unique part of New Zealand and is overshadowed by the mighty presence of our maunga. The challenges that have lead the city to agricultural diversity and to being leaders in  hydrocarbon exploration and production reflect the passion that our community has, along with the drive and understanding that our local Council has in ensuring this diversity in this unique region.’’

— Bryce Barnett, Chair, Taranaki Foundation

“The opportunity to improve our city’s capacity to grow and diversify is now. By combining public and private sector talent and effort, we can explore and prioritise ideas that will attract plenty of good people, skills and investment to our city, district and region.’’

— Sophie Braggins, CEO, Govett-Quillam Lawyers


Local and global organisations are our foundation partners, proud to be building a vibrant, enterprising, resilient New Plymouth district.

NP Partners sits within an innovative regional development advisory framework. Find out more about how we work together.

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